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Orthodontic treatment is an excellent investment.  We understand that people have different needs in fulfilling their financial obligations.  Therefore, we have partnered with an outside billing service, called OrthoFi, to offer the most flexible range of payment options to help you afford this important health service.

Before beginning your treatment, we'll discuss treatment fees,
insurance coverage, and financial arrangements in detail. We utilize
OrthoFi to offer customizable payment options: zero interest financing, a
discount for payment in-full at the start of the treatment, a larger initial
payment and lower monthly payments, or payments paid during the
treatment period.


Click the button below to register for your free OrthoFi account:

  • Remove hassle - complete patient forms online from the comfort of your own home, prior to your appointment

  • Flexible financing - customize and select a payment plan that works for YOU and your budget

  • Save time - manage your secure account online, make payments from home, view invoices, and print receipts

OrthoFi Slider.jpg
Please complete the online forms utilizing this link (OrthoFi’s form).  Upon completion of your online forms, OrthoFi will contact your insurance company to determine your orthodontic benefits prior to your appointment.  
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